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Somethings going on ;]

2012-03-22 09:12:52 by Skaterolly

Hey guys just working on some dubstep really different from what im used to so i will post and ejoy and comment away.


2012-03-08 00:43:46 by Skaterolly

Literally have a song for all you dub heads out there !

What Is on !

2012-03-07 23:06:32 by Skaterolly

Hey just here to showcase my work,

Reason 5 is what i use, so if you want to collab just be carefull.

Here is my soundcloud,

And if you want to chat just inbox me and enjoy !.

Hello :) XD

2011-10-21 19:25:18 by Skaterolly

Hey how is everyone I'm olly "FlobStrukt" just promoting my music to others.

Have done two years at college doing a national diploma in Developing Computer Games and Studying The Industry.

Xbox 360 Gt : skatero11y
What to know more just ask.